So how much will it cost?


How big does your site need to be?

What do you need to have on your site?

What do you want us to do?

Single-Page/Small Site

Design and setup starts at


You can do a lot with a single page — ask us about it.

If you need more than a single page, we include up to 4 additional pages in our Small Site Package.

Need more?
You can have as many pages as you need (extra work is billed as needed).

Need to do more with your site?
You should also check out our add-on features below.

Small site setup includes up to 20 hours of production and 2 hours of training (additional hours/items billed separately).

Hosting billed separately. See our hosting plans below.

We provide top-notch WordPress security and malware protection (with free malware cleanup if your site gets hit). We set up every site we host with a free SSL certificate so that visitors (and Google) will trust your site. We back up your site every night so if something happens we can fix it.

Like what we offer but want to keep your current WordPress site as it is (or just make minor changes)? We migrate your existing site to our server for free.

Add-On Features

All work done at our regular hourly rates ($50/hr).


Basic or Complex Forms

Using GravityForms form builder

Google Forms

Google account needed
Can email responses to the recipient as well as saving them in a Google Sheet

* Requires GravityForms plugin subscription

Discount on GravityForms subscriptions available.


Artists and Photographers, show your work with an online portfolio!

We will help you set up your online gallery with your first 6 items. You can upload the rest or we can do it for you for with a content management agreement with us.

We can help you with training on how to best present your work online if you’re unsure.

Artists get a 20% discount off our regular hourly rate — we support the arts (and we’re artists ourselves).


Tell the world what you’re up to with a blog!

We’ll help you get started  with up to 4 posts. We’ll show you how to organize them using categories and tags.

We can show you how to make the most of your posts with social media integration* too!

We can help you with editing too, if that’s not your baliwick.

* Requires Yoast Premium/Pro plugin subscription.


Monthly, semiannual, or annual payment options available. Discounts given for annual hosting plans. Annual hosting is billed in December and due in January. First-year annual hosting is prorated for the month site goes live.

Hosting Level 0

We build it, you host it.

You already have an awesome web server set up and all you want is a shiny new WordPress website to put on it.

When the site we build for you is ready to go, we’ll hand the whole thing over to you all packaged up pretty with a bow on top.

Cost: Nothing. This is included in the cost of building the website. Can’t find a better deal than that!

Hosting Level 1

We set it up. You manage it.

You want to manage your own site after it’s built but don’t know how to get it started? Don’t worry, we can help with that. We’ll get you set up on Flywheel with their single site plan. We’ll install our premium theme and any plugins you need. We’ll train you on how to use the page builder so you can get your site built out.

If you already have a site built on WordPress, we will migrate your site to either a WP Engine or Flywheel hosting account.

Set-up Cost: starts at $350
Up to 3 hours of training included. Extra training billed separately.

Hosting Level 2

We set it up and manage it.

You don’t want to deal with the hosting and domain set up process – what is that anyway? Or the site security backups and updates?

Don’t worry about it. We will set up your site on Flywheel, manage your domain, and keep your site running well with monthly updates to your site’s software (WP core, themes, and plugins).

Setup: No setup fee

Hosting & Maintenance:
$25/month hosting*
$20/month maintenance

*   for small sites.
Larger sites or sites with higher traffic expectations run $30-40 per month

Service Plans

It’s important to keep your site updated to help prevent those pesky hackers getting in and wreaking havoc on your site. The more plugins used on your site, the more frequently you should be updating. We will make sure your site’s themes, plugins and WordPress core are updated on a monthly basis to keep things running smooth and as secure as possible.

Required for sites hosted by Press.Team and included in Hosting Level 2 packages.

Cost: Starts at $20/month (if purchased for sites not hosted by us).


Now that your site is up and looking gorgeous, it’s time to find out if other people like your site as much as we do. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can tell how many people visit your site, how long they stay looking at your site, how they found your site, and much more. (They did not pay me to say that. It’s really an amazing thing.)

Analytics Level 1

You know your Google Analytics stuff and don’t need our help.

We will set up your site with your Google Analytics account and let you run with it.

Set-up Cost: $40.

Analytics Level 2

Now that you’re ass-deep in data, you might find it difficult to make sense of it all. That’s where analytic reports come in. We can set up daily, weekly, or monthly reports that will highlight what you’re looking for. No more digging through piles of shifty numbers. Just open up your email and see at a glance how many page visitors you had last month.

Cost: $150 for up to 5 custom reports
Additional reports: $40/report

Analytics Level 3

You’re sending out emails with links to your site and getting lots of visitors and now you want to know which emails are drawing more people to your site. Is the email with the stock photo of generic-looking businesspeople sitting around a table or the one with the meme of the most interesting man in the world saying “I don’t always type anal into a browser… but when I do I’m looking for Google Analytics” getting the most leads back to your website? Google Analytics Campaigns are what you need to figure that out and guess what? We can set those up for you.

Cost includes set-up and 5 reports:  $350 for 10 campaigns
Additional campaigns: $40/campaign

Additional Services

A.K.A.- Stuff that doesn’t fit into any other category

  • Update your content when you either don’t want to or don’t want to learn how to do it yourself
  • Take photographs for your site*
  • Optimize images for the web – If they’re too big, or the wrong kind of file, they slow down your site
  • Reformat/rework your site if you decide you want things moved around
  • Hold training sessions for things like:
    • How to run an awesome blog
    • Basic WordPress refresher course (remember, you do get one hour of training with the original set up of your site)
    • You saw something on another website that you like and want to learn how to do it.

Cost: $50/hour

*Travel costs apply