Want to see something?

These are a few of the sites we’ve built — take a look at them.

Any typos you see, aren’t ours. We make your site and give it to you to do what you want… even make mistakes*.

*don’t worry, we can help you fix them.


Sharove (Share+Love) plans to launch an innovative sales platform that is focused on doing good for its community… and its community is the whole world.

Erica Thibodeaux

Erica wanted more flexibility for her online courses than her old Weebly site could give her. She picked Press.Team to help her get it done.

Living Process Counseling Services

Living Process Counseling Services came to us when they moved and wanted to update and modernize their site.

Servant Leaders Christian Academy

Their old site wasn’t working and SLCA wanted new sites for the school and for their nonprofit foundation.

Loving by Serving

When the director of SCLA saw our portfolio they knew they wanted us to redesign their nonprofit site and their school site.

Bloom Neurotherapy

Bloom Neurotherapy needed a quick update. They were going to market with a major ad campaign and really wanted a new site to go with the campaign.

The Zen Garland Order

After seeing our site for Manitou Wellness, The Zen Garland Order decided we were the designers for them!

Julia Crozier – Artist

“The web site looks terrific! You adapted my ideas perfectly, I love it.”

Julia loves the site we made for her.

Dharma River/Manitou Wellness

This small organization needed a site that could showcase all the things they do in their community. The owners trained and are running this site all by themselves! Yea for independence!

Monta May, MFA

The site that started it all. An artist site Monta built for her visual art portfolio. Recently we just did a bit of a refresh and changed some things up a bit.

Bluff Country Studio Art Tour

Every amazing art crawl needs a great site. We set them up with a new site and turned them loose. We think they are amazing at this (and everything else they do)!

Adventure Cycle

Adventure Cycle & Ski needed to bring their site out of the 90s… this local bike shop became one of our first clients for web and logo design.

Coming soon!

An amazing artist needs an amazing site. Emerald Hulsing came to Press.team when she wanted a site.

Going live soon!

Your Site Could Be Here!

Your site is going to be spectacular! You’re gonna want to show it off, and so will we.

Let’s build it!

We aren’t novices!

Working at a small university, we built and maintained nearly 50 WordPress sites for offices, schools, departments, and programs at the university.

So you can rest assured, we know what we are doing. And we love doing it!